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Joining the 松濤館空手道研究所 Shōtōkan Karate dō Kenkyūjo

The SKK has an ambitious program of development (see our fighting arts) this is because we are committed to producing fully rounded, competent martial artists rather than just good fighters.

If you are an individual or a group based in the UK or Internationaly and like the sound of the SKK (松濤館空手道研究所) so far then read on. Here you will find out how we operate as a group.

Our aspiration is quality not quantity so understandably we screen potential members and groups.

If successful:


  • All current Dan grades are accepted - there is no re-grading to the same level. 

  • Examiner status* can be achieved from the rank of 3rd Dan.

  • SKK Dan grades are automaticaly eligable to attend the Yudansha Kai (Monthly)

* there are three examiner levels: grade, experience and assessment are the qualifying criterion


We are not orientated to sport karate however a number of our members are former national and international champions. The SKK have had success regionally and internationally and we activly support individuals and teams who wish to represent the SKK at any level.


The Grading System

The dojo sensei is responsible for ensuring the quality standard of prospective grading candidates. It is essential that candidates are not put forward for examination unless they are above the required standard. It is the duty and responsibility of the Dojo sensei to ensure this.

The minimum wait between Kyu gradings is 3 months with a six-month minimum wait between 1st Kyu and Shodan. It should be noted that these are minimum waiting times and the final decision to attempt a grade lays with the Dojo sensei.

SKK does not prepare to fail!

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The Shōtōkan karate dō kenkyūjo has two main objectives:

  • To provide classical Shōtōkan training for everyone regardless of age or gender.

  • To research, practice and restore functional karate technique back into the Shōtōkan training system.


As a serious group 松濤館空手道研究所 Shōtōkan karate dō kenkyūjo (kenkyūjo means research society) our classes are enjoyable as well as informative. Our main study is stock 1970s Shotokan. In addition to this our Yudansha Kai (Blackbelt School) drives the study, practice and restoration of functional karate technique in line with pre-ryu (school) Karate methods increasingliy refered to as Koryu (old school).

The main difference in this training is the study and application of the underlying principles. These reinforce our practice and enable the re-creation of techniques effective in civil defence against uninvited acts of physical violence, as opposed to performance based karate so often seen in the sporting arena.

Training is conducted in the classical Shotokan way however every person from beginner to blackbelt is taught as an individual rather than just part of the class.

Politics permeate all karate organisations and the Kenkyujo is no different, however our politics are simple “train or don’t train”!!


How to Join SKK:

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