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Dorian Fretwell

8th Dan

Director & Chief Examiner

Dorians interest in karate began as far back as 1968 after his brother, Adrian, began training and regaled stories of this mysterious fiighting art. Proper training began at the inception of the Shotokan Karate International (GB) in 1974 an ardent follower of Asano Hanshi's spirit based karate. A former European Team kata champion and England International squad member, Asano Hanshi awarded him the Wilkinson sword of Honour  for services to SKIGB in1997 and graded him to 7th Dan in 2012. In recognition of his ongoing study, dedication and teaching of the history, principles and phylosophy of Karate do he was awarded 8th Dan in 2021

Dorian is also influenced by the teachings of Onaga Yoshimitsu, Kaicho, founder of the Shinjinbukan dojo Naha, Okinawa.  Elements of Onaga No Ti are integrated into sensei Dorian's  teaching method.

Following a lengthy study of Hanshi Pat McCarthy's Koryu Uchinadi Dorian become a member of the IRKRS. 

He was appointed Director of the Shotokan Karate Do Kenkyujo in 2011.

Andy Lovelady
7th Dan
Chief Instructor SKK France

Sensei Andy began training in 1980 in Worthing. He and Peter King joined the new East Worthing Shotokan Karate International (SKI) dojo in 1981.


A popular Kata and Kumite competitor over four decades, he has an excellent record. Asano Hanshi awarded him the  Wilkinson Sword of Honour for services to SKIGB in 2008. He was awarded 7th Dan 2021 for his dedication to the study of basic and advanced principles, concepts and theory of karate Do.

Sensei Andy has studied both Shorin ryu, Onaga no Ti and kobudo, attending classess in dojo across Naha, Okinawa from 2015.

In 2023 whilst training in Okinawa he was graded to 3rd Dan in Kobudo Bojutsu by Tetsuhiro Hokama Hanshi Okinawa Goju Ryu Kenshi Kai Karate do Kobudo Association. On his return to the UK he introduced a documented pathway and syllabus for  kobudo training within the SKK 

He is noted for his knowledge of Okinawan training methods drawn from both the Shorin ryu and Goju ryu. 

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GarenEwing 4th Dan

Chief Instructor

Kanzenki Dojo

After a initial start in 1978, Garen began training consistently in 1985 under Sensei Brian Whitehouse.

In 1987 he attended the Go Soku-Ryu International Karate Association HQ in Glendale, California, USA . Training 6 days a week, he gained 3rd kyu under Soke Takayuki Kubota before returning to the UK a year later. 

Sensei Garen joined the SKK Yudansha Kai in 2015. A dedicated karate ka and talented teacher, he is noted for his exeptional control during the execution of kata. He is currently ranked 4th Dan.


Peter King

6th Dan Chief Instructor Worthing SKC

Peter began training at sensei Dickie Wu's famous Stratford Karate Kai in 1979 whilst studying at University of East London.


On moving back to Worthing he joined the East Worthing SKI karate club and began  training under Tony O’Hanlon.


Sensei Peter, a fomer National team kumite champion is another long time student of Asano Hanshi . He is noted for his extensive knowledge of karate techniques.


Peters philosophy  "just do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter

Chris Slade 
4th Dan
Chief Instructor SKK Midhurst

Sensei Chris began training in 1991 at SEKU Petersfieild with Gary Chandler. He was graded to Shodan in 1995 by sensei Dave  Hazard.


He joined the SKK Yudansha kai in 2014 and quickley became a regular.

In 2018 he launched SKK Midhurst  now a thriving family dojo, establishing a number of his own Yudansha. 

Following the 2019 SKK Okinawa tour, sensei Chris returned to establish our Bojutsu training program.


An advocate of Koryu Uchinadi he is noted for his "iri kume" techniques,  penetrating  his opponants defence at close quarters, delivering  decisive counter attacks ending the encounter.

Chris is was graded to 4th Dan in 2020. 

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Brian Salmon
4th Dan
SKK Technical Officer

Brian began his journey in 1978 with the  SKI at  Gosport dojo with sensei Richard Langdale. He graded to 3rd Kyu in 1981 before taking a break, returning in 2004. Brian graded to Shodan in 2006. He became a seasoned competitor in kata and kumite and a regular on SKI course's. In 2011 he joined the SKK Yudansha kai. He progressed through the ranks grading to 3rd Dan in 2015 - in that year, he made his first trip to Naha, Okinawa, He returned to Okinawain in 2019 as a full SKK member and later that year graded to Yondan.

Brian has a critcal eye and has assisted on almost all SKK regional trainng and grading events where his technical knowledge of kata and kumite were recognised. This led to his appointment as SKK Technical Officer in 2022.

Graham Inman 6thDan
Tai Chi Instructor
(Yang Style)Honbu Dojo

Graham brings 50 years of fighting arts experience to the Kenkyujo, broadening the diversity of combat exposure whilst still maintaining his core Shotokan strengths. 

He started Shotokan Karate at school aged 16 and graded under the legendary Keinosuke Enoeda chief Instructor of the KUGB. Graham graded 1st to 5th Dan under Asano (SKI) and 6th Dan under Dorian Fretwell (SKK). Currently utilising his BJJA expertise he is responsible for teaching  ground work techniques to SKK members. In addition he also Tai Chi classes to maximise opportunities for members to develop stress reduction, relaxation and breathing techniques.

Tai Chi provides tools for improved mental focus in the effectiveness of karate applications and also promotes better lifestyle coping strategies. 

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David De Moura


SKK Portugal Representative

David has lived in the UK since 1997 and has always held an interest in martial arts, training in wing chun and various weapons. He joined the SKK in 2022.


David is a dedicated personal student of Shihan Dorian Fretwell and quickly became a regular at Honbu dojo. His rapid progress in both Shotokan and Kobudo is due to his own hard work and diligence .


On his return to Portugal David has agreed to represent SKK interest in Portugal.

Dojo Locations & Training Sessions

SKK Honbu Dojo - West Hoathly

Tuesday 7-8pm    Thursday 8-9pm    Friday 5-6pm   Last Saturday in the month Yudansha Kai 11am- 1pm

West Hoathly Village Hall

North Lane, West Hoathly, West Sussex, RH19 4QG

SKK Kanzeni Dojo - East Grinstead

Monday 7.30-9pm    Wednesday Children 6pm-7pm   Adults 7.30-9pm

Imberhorne Lower School

Windmill Lane, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 2DT

SKK Midhurst

Monday Children 5-6pm     Adults 6-7.30pm

Midhurst Rother College

North Street, Midhurst, GU29 9DT

SKK Worthing

Wednesday: Children 7-8pm    Adults 8-9pm

Sidney Walter Centre

Sussex Road, Worthing, BN11 1DS 

SKK France

Altitude Training - Daily

Le Ponteil, 38860, Mont-de-Lans, France

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