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Online training every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm until further notice. Use contact page for further details.  Keep well, keep safe, keep positive.

Teaching the principles of technique with integrity


The SKK was established in 2011 as an antidote to big karate groups! SKK is a completely independent karate organisation.  It provides a practice license and liability insurance, promotional grading examinations, instructor & examiner development and access to Yudansha Kai and high-level teachers from various organisations. Shotokan is the primary style and the 1970s JKA grading syllabus provides the core content for grading examinations.

Where we are different:

•   no compulsory courses

•   no compulsory competitions

•   no undue interference with indivudual dojo mamagement.

To summarise these statements:

•   local dojo training is the foundation – this is where it all happens

•   the only competition is that with yourself

•   each dojo sensei is a chief instructor and is treated that way


Dorian Fretwell is Director and Chief Examiner of the SKK. His approach to SKK operations is;

“ maximum input minimum interference 

  • As a dojo Chief Insructor you are responsible for your students safety and the quality and standard of their training. 

  • The dojo sensei are supported by the Director & Chief Examiner both personally and through attendance at the Shōtōkan karate dō kenkyūjo yudansha kai (Black Belt School). This enables the Shōtōkan karate dō kenkyūjo to consistently deliver realistic quality training and promotional examinations at a reasonable cost.


SKK Core Values

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